Ambassador Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Last updated: November 13, 2013


We stand for a lot here at Zindigo, and we take great care and pride in how our brand is presented to the world. After all, you have to be consistent when you are leading a revolution in fashion!

As a Zindigo Ambassador you too are a representative of Zindigo and we've created some guidelines to help you in crafting your communications with your audience, especially when you are talking about Zindigo or any of our brand partners.

Throughout the document you will see various suggestions and rules. Suggestions are what we recommend when communicating around Zindigo and our brands while rules must be abided by according to the terms of the Ambassador Agreement.

If an Ambassador violates any of the rules it may be grounds for termination of the relationship with Zindigo and the closing of the Ambassador's Zindigo shop.


To be able to effectively communicate about Zindigo you need to understand what we stand for and what our brand represents. Zindigo is a revolution in fashion commerce, bringing entrepreneurship and insider access to all. It is exhilarating, inspiring and empowering!

It is exhilarating because it is a new, powerful way of doing business that offers an incredible selection of products never before seen on the fashion landscape. It is inspiring because it is a conduit for personal creativity and style and an ongoing fashion discovery. It is empowering because you can own and cultivate your own business while gaining unparalleled insider access to fashion.

We are promising a lot and we need your help in communicating our messaging and mission, where we are:

• Spearheading the social commerce revolution and redefining the business of Fashion.
• Empowering 1 billion social users to profitably connect leading brands with people they know, love and trust
• Building the world's largest boutique by offering the world's largest selection of boutique brands
• Providing insider access to fashion by connecting people and brands like never before
• Committing to always uphold our core principles of trust, quality and integrity


While we always encourage you to speak your mind and let your personality shine through, this section contains suggested ways to communicate about Zindigo. When speaking about Zindigo, there are certain buzz words you should keep in mind, including:

• Empowering
• Entrepreneurship
• Fashion
• Style
• Fun
• Unique
• Inspiring
• Boutique
• Discovery
• Success
• Passion
• Selection
• Shop
• Connect
• Social
• Share

While you should always strive to bring out your own unique tone when communicating with your audience, the following are dos and don'ts that should serve as general suggested guidelines for the tone of communication around Zindigo. (They are good guidelines in general too.)

TRY TO BE … TRY NOT TO BE … Informal, personal and conversational Formal, stuffy or apathetic Caring, curious, inquiring and supportive Disinterested, unengaged, emotionless or remote Clear and simple Elaborate or too complex Creative and articulate Rote or canned Positive and energetic, with a dose of passion Negative, aggressive or overly animated Open, honest and straightforward Elusive, coercing, deceptive or insincere Fun, cheeky and lighthearted Zany or over-the-top Knowledgeable but humble Pedantic or superior Authentic Affected

The language you use is very important. Word choice and how you compose your sentences says a lot about who you are and what you represent. When speaking about Zindigo, we suggest that you keep the following in mind:

• Keep it simple and informal but always uses correct syntax (sloppy sentences are not cool)

• Make sure it is easy to understand and doesn't require a dictionary (you don't want to confuse what you are trying to say, even if it sounds smart)

• Be savvy but limit your use of insider language (not everyone is a fashion insider and is familiar with more obscure terminology, such as bias cut)

• You may use appropriate, controlled use of slang, abbreviations or colloquialisms (y'all is ok once in a blue moon when contextually appropriate, but not in every post)

• Establish familiarity through use of contractions (i.e. You're instead of You are)

• No excessive or overuse of capitalization or punctuation (NOOOO!!!!!)

• Limited repetition of words or phrases (it is very very very annoying most of the time)

• Proper punctuation and spelling (no one likes misspelled words or misplaced commas)


When making a reference to Zindigo, your reference must be truthful, and not suggestive of anything other than the truth. This is a rule that we do not bend under any circumstances. Honesty and integrity are some of the most important qualities we strive to embody as a brand and you also need to adhere to as an Ambassador. It's the backbone of building loyalty and growing a successful business.

"Zindigo" is our proper name when written in text and should be treated be capitalized as such. Capital Z, lowercase other letters. This is a rule.

When making a textual reference to Zindigo, it is a rule that all links related to the reference make sense, such as including your personal Zindigo URL or invitation link. Use common sense - linking off to another affiliate program or something you have listed on eBay would be some examples of things not to do. If you are not sure if something might be in violation of our guidelines contact us and ask.

When using our logo, you must, as a rule, keep it as is and use one of the logos provided so you are sure to be using the latest, highest quality version. Also, please observe the guidelines below.

Logo Downloads & Usage

These are our official logos. Please read the next section for usage guidelines.

Zindigo Beta Logo


Standard Zindigo Logo


Incorrect Usage

As a rule you must use the logos as provided and do not alter them in any way, i.e.:

• Do not separate the letters in the logo.
• Do not rotate the logo. Put a spin on something else.
• Do not stretch the logo non-proportionally. If you need to resize, do so keeping all of the original proportions.
• Do not create a logo in lowercase font. Caps are bold, so are we.
• Do not make the logo more than one color. We want you to have fun, just not with our logo.
• Do not alter the type. Pretty please.
• No other elements (text, images, other logos, animated GIFs, etc.) can appear inside the logo space. That includes rainbows and unicorns.
• Do not add background, strokes, gradients, drop shadows, reflections, etc. to the logo. We're all about keeping it simple.
• Do not arch or warp the logo. Our brand is fashion forward in spirit, not typeface.

Communicating About Our Brand Partners

Talking about the Zindigo brands and the products we carry is the essence of running a social fashion business and we encourage you to do it and do it often. As part of the Ambassador Code of Conduct, you must afford the same respect when communicating about our brands and the guidelines in this document generally apply here as well.

We'll spell out a few of the important ones again:

• Communicate about our brand partners honestly and with integrity

• Never disparage a brand or product they carry

• Do not alter or distort any brand partner logos or other forms of official media, such as advertising campaigns or brand photography

• Get to know our brands and the way they position themselves. The more knowledgeable you are the easier it will be to speak about them and the more authentic it will sound.

• If you have questions, just ask! We're here for you.